Barmby Fields (inc East York Fields)

Our main Barmby Field site is 5 acres which is split into two dog walking fields. We are located just outside Pocklington on the Barmby Moor Road (B1246) – See Map below.

We also have a smaller site 7 miles from York called East York Fields This is 1.6 acres and set in farmland adjacent to the A1079 near the village of Wilberfoss

Barmby Field 1 (Pocklington) – Short grass with a few training aids and doggy activities, screened from Field 2. Agility equipment, benches and shelter.

Barmby Field 2 (Pocklington) –  Slightly bigger than Field one, further away from the car park and road so good for dogs who may be “reactive” to cars etc. Agility equipment, benches and shelter.

East York Field ( 7 miles from York near Wilberfoss) – 1.6 acres of secluded field surrounded by farmland. Benches and shelter, agility equipment to be installed later in the year.

Both are fenced with 2 metre fencing which is overlapped with rabbit netting so even the tiniest dog or puppy would fail to mange to squeeze, scramble, or dig their way out! (Trust me our little Jack Russel Benny has tried all methods of escape and failed at each attempt ) The entrance has an airlock type gate for safe arrival and departure should there be more than one dog. 


Parking is provided on a hard surface onsite through a dedicated access. You are able to drive into the air lock if you prefer to park in the secure area.

We are open from 6am until 9 pm, seven days a week.

Address: Barmby Dog Walking Field Barmby Road, Barmby Moor, East Riding Of Yorkshire, YO42 4ER
Address : East York Fields – Field near Currantberry Cottage, Hull Rd, Wilberfoss, York YO41 5PD

What three words addresss for Barmby Fields at Barmby Road , Pocklington :  inversely.reds.woof